is a protocol behind the stablecoin USDV — a cryptocurrency that maintains the $1 value

Introducing VELERODAO
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We forked MakerDAO for Velas Blockchain to have its own stablecoin.
So VeleroDAO is the main infrastructure project on Velas.

USDV is the first collateral-backed stablecoin on Velas Blockchain

You can mint USDV by adding assets from Velas as a collateral

Hedge your funds, use whole potential of your assets and trade
with VeleroDAO

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Generate USDV using Velas (VLX) and other assets on Velas Blockchain

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Easiest way to trade
on Velas Blockchain

Use DAPPs built in Velas ecosystem.

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Earn USDVs by holding
a deposit on your wallet

Generate and invest your VLX, using various collateral in VeleroDAO.

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The first Stablecoin on
the Velas Blockchain

USDV is a stable, decentralized currency that does not allow inequality. Any business or individual can experience and realize its benefits.

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How does it work?


Velas deposited to open CDP

You deposit / send VELAS to the VeleroDAO smart contract, creating a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP)



Let's say for $150 in VLX you issue USDV worth $100. Important: you are not selling your asset. If the asset price goes up, you can generate more. If it goes down, your position is liquidated. Thus, the issue of USDV works as a hedging mechanism for capital preservation.


Pay back USDV to unlock VLX

If you want to return your VLX you need to return the withdrawn amount from adding a small commission to it. That's all.

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Advantages of VELERODAO

To participate in auctions you need to obtain VeleroDAO governance token VDGT
Liquidated Assets Auction

At these auctions, VDGT token holders are able to purchase the collateralized assets. They are usually 5-10% cheaper than the market price.

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VDGT token manages the VeleroDAO platform, identifying key parameters (e.g. stability fees, types / rates, security, etc.) through the voting rights of the VDGT holders.

How can we help you?

We take our commitment to our community seriously, so if you need our help with specific questions or any questions in general please feel free to contact us

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